455 Fell Apartments

Where the Central Freeway once bisected Hayes Valley, the design of 455 Fell creatively inserts 100% affordable housing into this unique San Francisco neighborhood, restoring its urban fabric.


Mercy Housing California / San Francisco Housing Development Corporation

Joint Venture With

Paulett Taggart Architects


San Francisco, CA


111,121 sq. ft.


GreenPoint Rated Gold

Image Credit

LMSA and Paulett Taggart Architects for renderings


The collaboration between Mercy Housing California and San Francisco Housing Development Corporation in partnership with Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects and Paulett Taggart Architects provides an affordable residential community for 108 low-income families, of which 33 were formerly homeless. Neighborhood serving retail, alley townhouses, bay windows, residential stoops and a dramatic mid-block pedestrian portal passageway are combined to reinforce and enhance the historic pedestrian-oriented urban neighborhood. A series of outdoor amenities are woven into various levels of the residential complex including a daycare play zone, barbeque area, community garden and a roof level terrace with views of the neighborhood skyline.

Jake Aftreth, Andrew Appleton, Elisha Cohen, Edward Kopelson, Kate Lafsky, Jeff Marsch, Natalia Chetvernina

With a GreenPoint Gold rating, the project includes a variety of sustainable features, including solar hot water heating, native drought-resistant planting that manages stormwater, recycled content in the building insulation and play area surface, resource efficient fixtures, and low VOC casework and finishes.