UC Berkeley People's Park Student Housing

In response to the housing crisis facing Berkeley, the People’s Park Student Housing project will transform a 2.8-acre site to provide critically needed new student housing, affordable/supportive housing and community open space that commemorates the rich history of the site.


University of California, Berkeley


Berkeley, CA


335,005 SF


Targeting LEED Gold


LMSA for Renderings, HDS for Site Plan and Project Timeline


Located three blocks from the UC Berkeley campus, People’s Park has evolved over the last sixty years from a residential neighborhood in the 1950s, to the site of protest and community action in the 1960s, to a community open space with a variety of activities and uses in the last few decades. In order to address the interrelated housing crises facing the University and the City of Berkeley - lack of student housing, lack of affordable housing, and homelessness - this project proposes an innovative solution that integrates new student housing, supportive housing for the unhoused and very low income residents, and a revitalized community open space with a commemorative element honoring the history and legacy of People’s Park.

“I believe the University has a responsibility for the park, and a responsibility to collaborate with the city to change the character of the neighborhood for the better. Through this new design, we will honor the rich history and important legacy of People’s Park, while reimagining it as a place where all people can come together, where we can provide permanent homes for unhoused members of our community, and build needed housing for our students.”

Carol Christ, UC Berkeley Chancellor