Edwin M. Lee Apartments

A model for healthy living and resilience, the Edwin M. Lee Apartments is the first building in San Francisco to combine supportive housing for both unhoused veterans and low-income families. This collaboration among LMSA, Saida + Sullivan Design Partners, Swords to Plowshares, and Chinatown Community Development Center supports an integrated, equitable, and sustainable community in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood.


Chinatown Community Development Center and Swords to Plowshares

Associated Architect

Saida + Sullivan Design Partners


San Francisco, CA


123,701 sq. ft.


GreenPoints Rated Platinum certification; Solar PV panels estimated to produce 91% of the building’s common area electrical energy; Solar thermal panels estimated to produce 60% of the building’s hot water heating energy

Image Credit

Bruce Damonte


This affordable housing development provides 62 apartments for formerly homeless veterans and 57 apartments for low-income families with ground-floor services for families, veterans, neighbors, and the greater community. Balancing a civic scale with a feeling of home, the building enables sustainable lifestyles for its residents, prioritizing access to views and daylight, along with showcasing alternative energy generation and connections to nearby public transportation. The project frames a generous internal garden courtyard that balances a range of areas for retrospection, interaction and play.

AIA California Residential Design, Merit Award
AIA National - Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Project Award
AIA National, Housing Award

With a GreenPoints Rated Platinum certification, the project includes abundant photovoltaic and solar hot water panels to reduce operating costs and provide sustainable energy. The photovoltaic renewable energy system is proudly on display to the public and an integral feature in the overall building’s civic design. The design’s material and assembly selections incorporate biophilic design principles; durable material selections and well-considered detailing are intended to reduce long-term operating and maintenance costs.

Dedicated to late mayor of San Francisco, the Edwin M. Lee Apartments are an enduring tribute to his goal to end homelessness for veterans.