Echoing CCA’s commitment to environmental stewardship, the building is designed to use 73% less energy than the national average for a similar sized college dormitory, meeting the Architecture 2030 Challenge of moving toward carbon-neutral buildings by 2030. The integration of sustainable design strategies was a priority throughout the design process. Photovoltaic panels are elevated above the roof parapet, making them more visible and providing a varied roof edge that reinforces the massing of the building. Exterior sunshades on the south and west facades are integrated into the design, enhancing the building’s energy performance by limiting direct sunlight into the building. Optimized for solar orientation, the sunshades are horizontal on the south façade and vertical on the west façade. The building’s design is expected to attain a Platinum level rating under the GreenPoints rating system.
Fitting quietly into the existing neighborhood, Blattner Hall embodies CCA’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility, fostering a strong community of global citizens while providing students with affordable housing.